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Unterstützung für Prof. Seralini

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Support to Gilles-Eric Séralini and his co-authors in respect of scientific controversy and contradictory expertise
More than 600 scientists from about 30 countries, already signed the support letter for Prof. Gilles-Eric SERALINI, its co-authors, CRIIGEN and its work for an independent and contradictory science.
The Foundation for Citizen Sciences (FSC) and the European Network of Scientifics for Social and Environmental Responsability (ENSSER) defend him on their website by collecting daily signatures. Prof Seralini has been strongly attacked by the Monsanto Company and coll., including regulatory agencies who have authorized GMOs. He has decided to sue for libel Prof. Marc Fellous and the French Association of Plant Biotechnologies (AFBV). The research and expertises of Prof. Seralini on GMOs and pesticides toxicity has international significance especially in India where it helped on the moratorium for the Bt brinjal, but also in Canada, Europe and USA.
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